A post-apocalyptic zombie RP MU*

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port 1989

It was 1992 when the lights went out. You may have been watching your morning cartoons or just settling in at the office when it all went dark; the low hum of the civilized world went gently and unremarkably silent. They'd been calling them addicts for months, the evening news packed with propaganda seizing upon the opportunity, furthering political support for the State's War on Drugs: mid-city druggies whacked out of their minds, biting, clawing, killing. Ravenous, devouring, violent. By the time the story shifted it was too late for martial law. You survived the great purges of the cities - all that fiery destruction, it accomplished little but padding the numbers of the dead. You've survived a lot more since. Wandering the lifeless sprawl of the American Midwest you caught crackles of a broadcast; a promise of safety, community, of a real life, something different than the post-military dictatorships and vicious raider camps you've tried and escaped more than once. Desperate or tired, you decided to take the risk, just one more time, and set out across the States for the Free Zone.

We are in early beta and recruiting new players by either word of mouth or invitation. It is completely fine to connect as a stranger and check us out to play, as this will allow you to evaluate whether or not you would like join the community longer-term. If you decide to stay, please get in touch with a Staffer member in-game for an invitation to the TFZ Discord server. 

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